A Low Calorie Diet is the most flexible, and effective way to lose weight, especially if you want to eat delicious food!

Weight loss is possible with:

  • A Calorie deficit: Eating fewer calories than you burn.
  • Planning your meals: Knowing what you're going to eat, before you eat it.
  • Avoiding between meal eating: Grazing leads to untracked calories taking you out of your calorie deficit.

To make this as EASY as possible, and never leave you feeling deprived, I'm sharing my 7 day, 1500 calorie meal plan for FREE!

Meet Amy

I was always a healthy eater, but I could never lose weight. It wasn't until I was honest with myself about how much I was eating that I started to change. Like science, when I created a real calorie deficit, I was able to get the body I always wanted.

Amy | Health Beet

Free Meal Plan - 1500 calories, High Protein, Low Fat


7 Days of meal ideas with shopping list!

Take control of your life, and see what this 7 day meal plan can do for you.


"Your content has helped me more than any other I have come across. I feel it all relates to my fitness/nutrition journey (this article in particular as I struggle with cravings) and is super helpful. The meal plans are perfect for me as it is all foods I love to eat!"

- Jennifer

"Thank you so much for the meal plan! You’ve made my macro planning so simple. 
It’s so easy to mix and match meals from different days and your meals have always been easy to adapt for my children and husband to eat as well.

- Crissy